Haverhill Jottings


The Bury & Norwich Post, & Suffolk Herald October 12 1880
The workmen of the Haverhill Brewery were on Monday, the 27th ult., taken out for a day’s enjoyment by their liberal employer, W. Ward Esq. The day was all that could be desired in respect to the weather, and although the same place was visited last year, the arrangements were different and more enjoyable. Special through carriages were engaged, so that the party (consisting of about 40, with some invited friends) were conveyed through to Ipswich, arriving at 10.30 a.m. This gave time for a short stay in the town, as the Harwich boat did not start for an hour, at the expiration of which the party embarked and were soon steaming down the river Orwell. Having arrived at Harwich pier at 12.30, there was time for a stroll on the beach before dinner, which had been prepared in a most elaborate style at the Great Eastern Hotel. The chair was occupied by Mr. Ward, and the vice-chair by Mr. C.H. Marsden, supported by the invited guests, and full justice was done to the good things provided. At the termination of the repast the Chairman gave the usual loyal and patriotic toasts which were heartily drunk. Mr. D. Gurteen, in proposing the health of Mr. Ward, congratulated him upon the success that had attended him since his residence in Haverhill, and trusted that many prosperous years were in store for him. He (Mr. Gurteen) would also include in the toast the name of Mrs. Ward, who had been ailing for some time past, but he trusted that she would soon be restored to health.